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Follow me to the Bremenhaven Ship Museum in search of the deck plans of the German passenger liner TS Bremen!

My Mission: Search for deck plans of the German Liner TS Bremen

My next ocean liner will be the 1929 TS Bremen. The German ocean liners were years ahead of our time in technology, style and luxury. Many Americans who immigrated to the US traveled on the Bremen or it's twin sister the Liberte and well remembered for their Bremenhaven to New York passage.

In January of 2018, I traveled to Germany to see the deck plans of this famed prestigious liner. These plans could only be obtained at Germany's Ship Museum in Bremenhaven, the main port to the Atlantic. I was greeted by the president of the museum who printed the plans and gave them to me himself.

Buten Binnen

TV Shoot at Bremenhaven Ship Museum

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