Time Lapse Construction

The Algonquin

Length: 3 feet 8 inches
Toothpick Tally: 5,000
Glue: 1/4 gallon of Titebond II
Completion Date: 2016
Current Display:To be announced

The ALGONQUIN was built in 1838-39 by the Cleveland North Western Lake Company to compete with Hudsons Bay and American Fur Companies on Lake Superior. The entire fleet on the Big Lake consisted of five schooners and, at 55 feet, ALGONQUIN was the largest of the bunch.

The schooner ALGONQUIN built by famous ship builder, George Washington Jones, in Black River (now Loraine), Ohio. Mr. Jones was master ship builder at age 21 17 years old. He came from a family of well known builders of ships on the Great Lakes signed Certificate of Master Builder on October 24, 1839 at Cleveland. D. B. Rockwood was the first master according to official enrollment of the schooner. This same ship builder built the first American ship, John Jacob Astor for the American Fur Company which was assembled on the shoures of Lake Superior.

Toothpick Algonquin Time Lapse Work In Progress. from the first toothpick to the last completed 2/12/2017. A total of 11,400 toothpicks used and 4200 photos taken to compile into this music video . Special thanks goes to Ed Lines Jr. who was chief adviser on this project and lent me the camera equipment. Very special thanks to Jeff Napadow who painstaking corrected the lighting and motion of all 4200 photos.

The Fleet
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10 Feet Long 75,000 Toothpicks

16 Feet Long 197,000 Toothpicks

Queen Mary
25 Feet Long 814,000 Toothpicks

14 Feet Long 272,000 Toothpicks

Custom Boats

I do special requests as long as they are boats, and around 2-3 feet in length. This way, they will not take too long to build. They can be carriers, schooners, yachts, racing boats, clippers, as long as you have deck plans or some sort of drawings to guide me.

It is easier for me to build small stuff, but be aware that you will not have the details as seen in my larger vessels. But, I will pay just as much attention to constructing it, and document it's progress with my trusty iPhone for your approval!

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